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Questions: What do you know about cyber security?

To help you understand he importance of cyber liability and data breach coverage, we've shared a quiz for you about Cyber Security issues. How much do you know about cyber attacks?

  1. More than 50% of all small U.S. businesses have reported cyber attacks. TRUE or FALSE 
  2. Only 48 states require notification of security breaches involving personally identifiable information. TRUE or FALSE 
  3. Large government agencies are the most common targets for cyber crime. TRUE or FALSE  
  4. 95% of all data breaches result from criminal or malicious attacks. TRUE or FALSE 
  5. The average number of days it takes an organization to identify a data breach is 30. TRUE or FALSE  

Read the answers here, or learn more about Cyber Security in this in this video:

Find out more information on the Cyber Risk Infographic here.

Want to make sure you have this coverage?

Contact your agent to make sure you have this coverage on your commercial insurance policy. 

Source: Liberty Mutual Test Your Cyber Risk Knowledge

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