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2018 - Adding text options for policy services

For your convenience we have added a new way to communicate with us – texting! Cell phones have become part of our everyday life. Now all you have to do is text this number and the message will be routed to your agent. Our new text number is 208-518-0823! 


Anytime you need policy service or have a claim you can send a text. You can text us a short message and also send pictures.

  • Text message to add or remove vehicles from your auto policy
  • Text pictures of your VIN number, purchase papers 
  • Text claim pictures of your damaged vehicle or home loss 
  • Text accident scene photos, other driver’s license and insurance info 
  • Text us for any insurance service need! (Make sure you identify yourself, if we don’t already have your cell number) 

Your American Insurance agent also has a direct phone number and email address you may want to note. That information is available online in our Staff Directory.


  • 208-746-9646 - Lewiston Office 
  • 800-735-6355 - Toll Free 
  • 208-746-9640 - Lewiston Fax 
  • 208-518-0823 - Text 
  • - Email 
  • 208-882-8544 - Moscow Office 
  • 800-767-0895 - Toll Free 
  • 208-882-7336 - Moscow Fax 
  • 208-518-0823 - Text 
  • - Email 

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The content of FAQ articles are general in nature and are not intended as a substitute for professional legal, financial, or insurance counsel for individuals. Insurance coverage forms vary by issuing company and by state. For specific advice contact us.

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