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“Check Engine” #1 Repair Item

Mar 31 2012 The most common "check engine" light repair is "replace Oxygen Sensor." A faulty O2 sensor costs less than $250 to fix, but can lead to as much as a 40% reduction in gas mileage if ignored -... more

New Health Exchange Rules Released

Mar 13 2012 New rules released today will offer states substantial flexibility as they design a health insurance exchange marketplace that works for their residents. The Idaho Legislature said "no... more

Cell Phone Related Fatalities Down 47% In CA

Mar 7 2012 Traffic deaths due to hand-held cell phone use by drivers have dropped 47% since California enacted a ban in July, 2008. The analysis, conducted by the Safe Transportation Research and... more

Lifetime Limits For Health Plans End

Mar 6 2012 The maximum benefit limits under medical insurance plans for an individual's lifetime have been eliminated under the Affordable Care Act. "For years, Americans with lifetime caps imposed on... more

What FBI Says Is US #1 Threat!

Mar 6 2012 Cyber security is becoming our nation's number-one threat according to FBI Director Robert S Meuller, III in comments made at the Cyber Security Conference in San Francisco. The following... more

Crop Insurance Claims Break $10 Billion

Mar 5 2012 For the first time in history, crop insurance indemnities to farmers and ranchers has exceeded $10.08 billion to cover agricultural losses, reports This underscores... more

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