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New pain meds approved to lessen abuse

May 30 2012 Skyrocketing costs for opioid pain management and abuse is damaging the health care and workers compensation systems. Dan Reynolds, managing editor of Risk & Insurance writes "An... more

P&C Insurance Net Income Plunges

May 29 2012 Record 2011 losses are driving insurance price increases in 2012. As predicted in Market Forecast 2012, the insurance industry has been raising prices this year on Homeowners and commercial... more

Top 10 Contents Items Claimed

May 26 2012 Which personal property items were the top insurance claims in 2011? Jewelry losses were the big ticket items in value and volume for property insurance claims made in 2011 according to... more

ID & MT Among Worst States For Injury Deaths

May 24 2012 Idaho and Montana ranked among the worst states with the highest ratios of injury deaths while Washington state was ranked among the best. A new report ranks each state by their injury... more

What is driving health care spending?

May 23 2012 The newly formed Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) compared data from 2009 to 2010 showing that pure price increases for care rather than increased utilization is driving spending higher.... more

5 Ways To Reduce Motorcycle Deaths

May 22 2012 A summer road trip on your motorcycle may be no safer than last year. No progress was made in reducing motorcyclist deaths in 2011, according to a report released by the Governors Highway... more

Leading Cause of Death Ages 8-24

May 21 2012 More children and young adults die of this than any other cause. Perhaps it is no surprise that motor vehicle traffic crashes continue to be the leading cause of death in the group of age... more

WA & OR Take Health Exchange Grants

May 17 2012 Washington and Oregon were among the six new states to take Health Exchange grants to implement the new health care law. Idaho, a highly conservative and Republican majority state, snubbed... more

Stolen! 1 in 10 of these vehicles

May 16 2012 Corvettes...we love to look at them and thieves love to steal them! The Chevrolet Corvette holds the title as America's oldest, continuously produced sports car. According to a National... more

Obesity's Heavy Health Care Cost

May 15 2012 Obesity now accounts for almost 21 percent of U.S. health care costs -- more than twice the previous estimates, reports a revised Cornell University study. The research, originally done in... more

Healthcare Costs Now Exceed $20,000 Per Family - Milliman Study

May 15 2012 A typical American family of four receiving healthcare through an employer-sponsored preferred provider organization (PPO) plan now pays $20,728. This according to the latest study by... more

4th Leading Cause of Death Is?

May 3 2012 1 in 3 U.S. adults-an estimated 68 million of us-have this and it is the "silent killer". Untreated high blood pressure, also called hypertension can damage the heart, brain, and kidneys... more

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