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Sully's Last Letter

Sully’s Last Letter
Who would Sully write his last letter to? 

If Sully were writing his last letter it would be addressed to The Lewiston Tribune.  Why? Well, you see, he always felt that The Lewiston Tribune was his “love letter” to the community.  Frank “Sully” Sullivan had a subscription to the Tribune from his first day on January 1, 1946 that he started work at AMERICAN INSURANCE to the last day of his life on August 12, 2013.

For 67 years Sully read the Tribune every day and if he saw the name of a customer, a friend or the family member of a friend in print he would clip it out and mail it with a personal note.   Thousands of letters were sent to say congratulations, provide encouragement, or send condolences.  And, if appropriate, he would include a copy of the latest joke to share a laugh with you.  It was Sully’s gift to his friends. He was everybody’s friend and he knew that everyone appreciates recognition. Even Sully, his own name and picture appearing dozens of times over the years documenting his service in the Idaho National Guard and his leadership of many civic organizations.

So, Sully would write his last letter to say “thank you” to The Lewiston Tribune. He would tell his good friend Butch Alford, “Your son, Nathan, is doing a great job running the paper.  Tell the kid to keep up the good work. We’re proud of him. Have you heard the one about the newspaper publisher and monkey sitting at the bar?”   

For Sully (his son, John B Sullivan)


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