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Medical Insurance: Affordable Care Act


What is the difference between Agents, Brokers and Enrollment Counselors?

Local Enrollment Counselors as well as Washington and Idaho certified Agents and Brokers are available to provide in-person assistance regarding health care plans. All these options are provided at no cost to you. Each one includes the same rates on health care premiums. There are also no extra charges for you to access expertise in this field. 

So, what is the difference between Agents/Brokers and Enrollment Counselors?

  • Agents and Brokers are licensed and regulated by the two state Departments of Insurance to sell insurance. Only an agent or broker can make specific recommendations about which plan you should buy. AMERICAN INSURANCE has three Idaho and Washington licensed agents who are also certified by the state exchanges.
  • Meanwhile, Enrollment Counselors are employees or volunteers from non-profit entities around the region who have been trained by state agencies to help you understand what options are available for your family. However, Counselors cannot make specific recommendations about which plan you should buy.

Agents at AMERICAN INSURANCE can offer you the support you need to find the best value for your family. Call our office at 208-746-9646 or 800-735-6355 or visit this website to make an appointment with a CERTIFIED health insurance agent today!

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