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Wellness - 5 Ways to Help Your Kids Deal with Stress

In today's fast paced world, it's easy for children to experience stress. Trouble with school, friends, or the pressure of extracurricular activities may be causing your children to feel stressed. To keep your kids free of this unpleasant feeling as much as possible at home and at school, try the following tips.

Maintain a written schedule - By creating a regular schedule, your kids will be able to prepare emotionally for each day. They will know what to expect throughout the day instead of feeling stress because of an unexpected activity. Place a family calendar in a prominent space at home, and keep it updated with a weekly schedule. Carefully consider the needs of your children. Some kids will feel better when each minute is planned while others only need an outline.

Talk to your kids - Don't let a day pass without checking in with your kids to see how they are doing. Ask your children about their day, mood, and friends. Some kids need to be prompted to share their problems or concerns. Asking questions will allow you help your children manage their stress. You may also be able to help reduce negative feelings just by being there and offering your help.

Assess extracurricular activities - When kids participate in too many extracurricular activities, they may feel overwhelmed. Some kids practice a sport several times a week and take lessons to learn a musical instrument. If you've signed your children up for more than one activity, check in with them to see if this is a source of stress. You may need to eliminate one if it might help them stay stress-free during the day.

Embrace healthy eating and regular exercise - Healthy eating and regular exercise will make your children feel better physically and mentally. With the proper nutrition, your kids will be equipped to handle stress at school and at home. They'll also have more energy and will be able to think more clearly. Consider limiting sugar and caffeine. An abundance of these substances can make your kids feel anxious. Caffeine and sugar may also make it hard for them to get the proper amount of rest. Be sure to manage your family's diet to ensure that every family member's body is strong and healthy.

Don't add unnecessary pressure - In many cases, parents put pressure on their children to do well in school or excel at sports. While you should support your kids in their endeavors, don't give them the impression that your love is contingent on any area of their lives. Make it clear that the outcome is not as important as their happiness. When you relate to your kids in healthy ways, you can help minimize their stress.

To help foster resiliency and productive work environments for you and your employees, make sure your employees are aware of the programs available to assist them and their family members, such as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides no-cost professional counseling. If you don’t have an EAP program included in your group health insurance plan contact us and get more information about the low cost and benefits from the licensed Health Insurance Agents at AMERICAN INSURANCE.

Source: BPA Health, May 2016 eNewsletter. Learn more about BPA Health at

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