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Wellness - 6 Cures for Summertime Work Happiness Slump

Summer…when hours at work drag on endlessly, it is easy to lose your cheerful spark. But just because work life seems to have turned into a rut, that doesn't mean you can't still have fun. Try using these tips to add sunshine to even the rainiest day.

Make the choice to be happy.
Before going any further, remember that happiness always begins with your decision. As you stand in front of the mirror and get ready for work, tell yourself that today will be a good day. Think of the good things you have to look forward to, even the small ones. Then when you step into your office, your mood will already be pointed the right direction.

Put yourself first. When you go to work, you have to follow someone else's routine and meet someone else's expectations. Over time, this cycle can lower your self-esteem. So it is important to remind yourself that you still come first. Before clocking in and starting the grind, focus on your personal goals. Walk your dog, brew a really good cup of coffee, read a chapter of your book, or do anything that makes you feel satisfied inside. Once you finish that, you can worry about other things at work.

Lend a coworker a hand. As a social creature, it is probably in your nature to want to help other people when you see them struggling. Not only will this brighten their day, but you will feel the mood-boosting effects of altruism. Everyone in the office benefits in this win-win strategy.

Make a soundtrack for your daily life. Music can soothe the soul and amp up your attitude. Try making a new playlist of tracks that get you excited. The best part of this technique is that it works throughout the day. Get pumped in the morning, and later you can press play again to get through the afternoon.

Change your office decorations. Redecorating your work space can make a worn-out space seem fresh and new. A simple change can brighten your entire outlook and has lasting effects beyond the day you redecorate. The new look will keep the good feeling going every day afterwards as well.

Go on vacation. Research has proven that vacations are a necessary component of success and happiness. Even though it feels tempting to work longer hours to get more done, the reality is that you probably won't feel any happier afterwards. Make the most of your vacation time. It will improve your mood and increase your motivation when you return to work.

You don't have to let a stressful routine get you down. Try a few of these techniques, and soon you'll feel the domino effect of a happy mood. One pleasant moment inevitably leads to another, and then another. Go ahead and get started in spreading smiles around your office.

This information was provided by BPA Health, providing behavioral healthcare solutions that help people improve their lives. To learn more about how an Employee Assistance Program can be added to your Blue Cross of Idaho group health plan or any group health plan contact us at AMERICAN INSURANCE.

Source: BPA Health, July 2016 e-News, call 800-211-9477 or visit

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