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CLASSIC CARS – Is special coverage needed?

Classic & Collector Cars are unique and require specialized coverage.

Fortunately, the coverage is low-cost and provides many coverage extras designed just for your classic car. AMERICAN INSURANCE represents the USA’s best companies that specialize in Classic Car Insurance. Contact an informed agent online today or begin your or start your Classic Car Quote online here.

What qualifies as a “classic” vehicle?

Classics aren't just antique or classic cars, they also include street rods, low riders, exotic, and replica cars; trucks & utility vehicles; vintage commercial vehicles like fire trucks; motorcycles; military vehicles; even tractors; and trailers used with these vehicles.

And, there are no longer strict age limits but generally a vehicle must be at least 20 years old. However, when a vehicle is of limited production, exotic or special interest it may qualify for coverage.

Does my “classic” qualify for coverage? 

Your vehicle should not be used for daily transportation and must be stored in an enclosed and secure structure. Every driver in the household must have an alternative regular-use vehicle for daily transportation. Generally, one or two traffic violations or accidents per household are acceptable.

What specialized “classic” coverage is available?

  • Customized Policies – each policy is designed specifically for you, your car and your level of participation in the hobby.
  • Guaranteed Value - better than “Actual Cash Value” or “Stated Value” policies, you can secure the true value of your car with “Guaranteed Value” coverage after a covered total loss.
  • Specialized Options, which include:
    1. Emergency Roadside Assistance – unlimited service events for towing, lockouts, battery replacements and more, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    2. Flatbed roadside assistance – guaranteed flatbed towing to protect your investment plus additional benefits.
    3. Instant new purchase coverage – 30 days of coverage up to $50,000 in value
    4. Auto Show Medical Reimbursement – up to $10,000 in medical benefits for clients and their family members injured while attending shows and car functions.
    5. Spare Parts – includes $750 of “Other Than Collision” (Comprehensive) coverage for spare parts for your insured classic car.
    6. Automotive Tools – tool coverage can be easily added to your policy.
    7. Vehicle Under Construction - as you restore or build your car the value is automatically increased (limits apply).
    8. Traveling Collector – if you frequently travel to shows you can add Trip Interruption, coverage for parts, tools and personal effects, and Accidental Death coverage.
  • No mileage limits – policies allow limited pleasure use with no fixed mileage limits. Just drive and enjoy!
  • Super Low Annual Premiums – significantly lower cost than regular-use vehicles.
  • Knowledgeable Service – our Agents own classic cars and understand the unique service needs of your hobby.

Contact an informed agent today or begin your Classic Car Quote online here.


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