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Individual Life Coverage Hits 50 Year Low

35 million US households (about 30%) have no life insurance protection at all, according to the 2010 Life Insurance Ownership Study done by LIMRA. Among households with children under 18, 4 in 10 say they would immediately have trouble meeting everyday living expenses if a primary wage-earner died today. Only 44 percent of US households have individual life insurance. This is a 50-year low. Half of US households (58 million) say they need more life insurance – the highest level ever. But, the fact is, fewer consumers are purchasing new life insurance policies:

  • In 2009, insurance companies issued 9.4 million individual life insurance policies in the U.S. —about one million fewer policies than in 2004. During the mid-1980s, about twice as many policies were issued compared with today.
  • Consumers say buying life insurance has a low priority compared to other financial goals such as paying off debt or saving for retirement. Over 4 in 10 Americans say a major reason they have not bought more life insurance is because they have other financial priorities right now.

Procrastination and not knowing where to obtain individual life insurance are other factors for the declining purchase rates. Almost 8 in 10 American households currently do not have a personal life insurance agent or broker to turn to and most say they never did. For Facts About Life 2010, Read More.

Source: News Release - Sept, 2010 by LIMRA, a worldwide research, consulting and professional development organization.

American Insurance has low cost Term Life Insurance!

Life insurance has never cost less or been easier to obtain! Increased life expectancy has reduced term life insurance premiums to all-time lows.

  • Male, age 30 or Female, age 34: $500,000 Term Life is just $16.00 per month (preferred, non-smoker, 10 year level term life)
  • Male, age 40 or Female, age 42: $500,000 Term Life is only $20.00 per month (preferred, non-smoker, 10 year level term life)
  • Male, age 50 or Female, age 52: $500,000 Term Life is only $44.00 per month (preferred, non-smoker, 10 year level term life)

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