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4 Myths About Renters Claims

Renting a dorm room, an apartment or a rental house may be your first experience with being out on your own. After a fire or a theft, there are some common misconceptions about who is responsible for your premises and your possessions when there is a loss.

Test your knowledge with answers to the four Myth busters below:    

             Myth 1If my possessions burn up my landlord is responsible to replace them.

            Not so!  Most rental agreements contain a disclosure and release of liability for the landlord regarding losses to your property.  Even if there was no rental agreement, unless the landlord is shown directly negligent in causing the loss no damages would be payable.

             Myth 2If my apartment can’t be lived in because of an accidental loss my landlord will pay for my temporary housing elsewhere.

             Not so!  After an accidental loss that causes you to vacate your apartment the landlord has no obligation to find or pay for temporary housing for tenants. You are on your own for who knows how long.

             Myth 3I don’t have any assets yet so no one would sue me if I accidently hurt someone or damaged their property.

             Not so!  For example, if you leave your stove on and burn down the apartment building you may be held liable and pursued for damages.  A judgment against you can be held indefinitely and encumber your future earnings and career plans.

             Myth 4If I or my friends get hurt at the apartment my landlord will pay my medical expenses.

             Again, not so!  You are responsible for the space you occupy and to keep it free from hazards that could injure your guests.  If they are hurt (ex. you left a skateboard on a step and someone slips and falls) then you may be pursued for payment of medical bills.  Only in cases where a known maintenance issue of the apartment or premises became a hazard that directly caused the loss is the landlord likely to be judged liable. 

These common claim issues are why Renters Insurance was developed and provides the fundamental protections for those who rent property - get coverage for your Personal Property (contents), Loss of Use, Personal Liability and Medical Payments. Contact us for more information and Renters Insurance quotation



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