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New Tech to Stop Drunk Drivers

Can we keep drunk drivers off the road?  Must they kill someone with their car after being arrested 10, 20 even 30 plus times for driving drunk before we find the answer.

The answer may be a technology that has been around since the 1960’s – ignition interlock technology that prevents a vehicle from being started if a driver’s breath registers too much alcohol.  New smart technology to use touch-based and breath-based systems is being studied by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in partnership with The Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety. The automatic system would be enabled every time the car is started, but unobtrusive so it would not pose an inconvenience to the non-intoxicated driver.

What if every car and truck had an ignition interlock as standard equipment?  That was the question studied by the University of Michigan Injury Center and Transportation Research Institute.  Read their findings in a Bloomberg report Drunk Driver Ignition Locks Offer “Significant” Benefits, Savings: Study posted March 20, 2015 by Insurance Journal. 


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