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Student health insurance options explained

Lewis-Clark State College will no longer offer a Student Health Insurance Program (or SHIP) this fall, due to a change by the Idaho State Board of Education. Other regional schools that also have no SHIP include: Washington State University, Boise State University, Idaho State University and Eastern Idaho Technical College.

Local agents at AMERICAN INSURANCE can help parents find qualified health insurance coverage for your students, who must have it to enroll in Idaho and Washington colleges and universities.

“We work with anxious parents walking them step by step through the process to apply and acquire the student health care coverage,” said Dave Root, a certified health insurance agent with American Insurance in Lewiston. “We offer free personalized quotes on multiple plans, thoroughly explain cost sharing possibilities, and then provide them enrollment assistant to complete the process.”

The University of Idaho SHIP costs $952 per semester while the Walla Walla Community College SHIP is $796 per semester. Root shared that before tax credit discounts, ACA health plans for students aged 18-24, which cover providers in both states and meet other college requirements, range from $101 to $158 per month in Idaho and from $129 to $204 per month in Washington. Agents can help you find even lower cost options through the application of Advanced Premium Tax Credits.

All Affordable Care Act plans are guaranteed regardless of health conditions, and we know what factors are needed to meet college enrollment health care requirements,” Root said. 

You may contact Dave RootTim Gleason, or Mike Everett at 208-746-9646 or 800-735-6355 for more information about student health care options or you can contact American Insurance for any other insurance matters.

Another point for parents to consider is what their homeowners insurance covers for students and where gaps may be in their coverage. Once students live away from your home all year, a renters insurance policy can protect their financial future. You can get a renters insurance quote here or contact "American Insurance" <American [at] AmericanInsuranceID [dot] com> at 208-746-9646 for more information on that.


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