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What? Is there a down side to personal service? At AMERICAN INSURANCE we are proud of providing "personal service." That means we assign our customers to a specific Customer Service Agent who knows your name, knows about your special needs and preferences, and is directly responsible to provide prompt, accurate and caring service.

If there is a down side, it is this.... your agent can only provide "personal service" to one person at a time. So, when you call to speak with your agent they may be helping another customer, gone to lunch, on vacation or out sick with the flu. That means you will have to leave a voice mail message and wait for a return phone call (which we strive to do within one hour). Most of the time this works fine but occasionally a customer may not be available to take call-backs or has something urgent (like a claim) that needs to be handled right now.

In those special cases when you must talk with someone now....

  1. Tell our receptionist that you can't wait for a callback and she will make every effort to transfer you to another service team member.
  2. If you went to voice mail, press "O" for the receptionist and follow step 1.

We value and appreciate your business! We have added an extra Customer Service Agent to handle these special urgent cases so you can receive the service you need without a call-back. We want to do everything possible to provide you with the highest level of personal service.

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