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New letters threaten vehicle suspension to Idaho residents

A new flood of Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) letters have gone out to Idaho drivers threatening registration suspension for vehicles they can’t match to their system. Idaho’s “Drive Insured” program is about to enter its second year in an effort to lower the amount of uninsured vehicles on Idaho roads and to enforce Idaho Code 49-1234.

The system is dependent on matching the unique Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) for each vehicle to verify current auto insurance. When the VIN doesn’t match a letter goes out to warn the registered owner of the pending registration suspension. 

Why did I get the letter? There are three main reasons you may get a letter.

  1. Your vehicle is not insured because it is in layup or otherwise not in use.
  2. Your vehicle is insured but a mistake has been made on the VIN number. The standard VIN is a string of 17 numbers and letters. All it takes is one “typo” or misheard/miswritten character to create a no-match on the insurance verification system.
  3. Your vehicle is registered to a commercial business and/or insured under a Commercial Auto Policy that isn’t reported to ITD system.

As your agent, we can help! 

Our agents can identity the problem, provide you guidance and correct problems quickly for you. Contact us for questions or concerns.