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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

General Questions: Insurance

Customer Service

Talk to us – why we need to stay in touch with you

Insurance is a deeply personal business to protect your American dream! After all, we insure your loved ones and the things you value most. You share with us your personal information and trust us to protect you from sudden and accidental financial loss.

We want to do the best job possible for you by maintaining an active relationship with open two-way communication. So, besides the normal day to day policy changes, or billing issues and claims, there are key life events that signal a review of your insurance is needed to talk about how they can change your coverage needs.

Life changes -- we need to know about them!

We might need to know about these changes if you have any of them:

  • Change in marital status, from single to married or to divorced or to widowed
  • Addition of a new baby to your home
  • Addition of a new licensed driver in your home
  • Your son or daughter attending college or moving out of the house
  • Paying off your vehicle loan or mortgage loan
  • Refinancing your loan from one company to another
  • Buying or building a home
  • Buying or selling your business
  • Changing jobs or retirement
  • Gain or loss of health insurance through your employer
  • Purchase or sale of a new vehicle (car, truck, ATV, boat, RV, etc.)
  • Death of a spouse
  • Whenever you see unexplained changes in your premium rates

How will these changes impact your insurance coverage?

Your Customer Service Agent (or CSA) is ready to help tailor your insurance to your changing needs and find every discount to reduce your costs as your life changes. Just call or email your CSA or drop-in for a visit

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