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CLUE Report - do I need one before I buy a home?

Catching a CLUE before you buy a home!

CLUE stands for "Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange". Before you buy a home a little detective work can reveal a lot about a property’s claim history, and could save you from unexpected surprises later.

It's called CLUE, but it's no mystery

Most insurance companies use the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) to see if a home has had significant losses. The five years of claim history the report offers can give you a better perspective on your biggest financial investment. The information helps you decide if you should investigate further before committing to a purchase.

The earlier you find out about risks, the better

When you are buying a house or rental property, it’s a good idea to request a CLUE report and an insurance quotation from AMERICAN INSURANCE before you make your initial offer. That way, if there has been previous serious damage or repair to the house you can let your home inspector know what to look for. Also, previous losses may impair your ability to purchase insurance at the lowest rates on a particular property.

CLUE reports also help home sellers. Reviewing the report in advance before listing a house allows the seller to be completely honest and prepare the proper documentation to show the property was fully repaired and inspected.

The internet accelerates information sharing

Before CLUE was available, insurance companies would call the home’s previous insurers (if known), to find out if there were previous claims and if the damage was fully repaired to Code. Internet technology made this information sharing much faster, more accurate and more convenient for everyone. Now a CLUE report is readily available to insurers and consumers.

Get your FREE "CLUE Report" with your request for a home quote.


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