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Frequently Asked Questions

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Personal Insurance: Home Insurance


Maintenance tips



Optional Coverage

  • Plugging holes in a homeowners policy

    Even though your Homeowners insurance policy provides great coverage it still contains some necessary exclusions. Here's how we can help you with that.

  • Identity Recovery Insurance

    For as little as $1 per month premium you can have Identity Recovery Insurance added to your Homeowners policy.


  • PERSONAL PROPERTY - How is it insured?

    The loss of our personal items to fire, theft, vandalism, natural disaster or any other cause creates a financial loss as well as being unsettling to our lives. So, how do you insure all your stuff?

  • Personal Property - Where is it insured?

    When you travel on vacation, move to a new residence, put items in a storage unit, have a family member living at college, or pack up all your earthly belongings in a U-Haul truck, suddenly you wonder, “Is all my stuff insured when away from my residence premises?”