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Renters’ Insurance - QUIZ

Think you know what Renters’ Insurance covers?  In the US there are more than 43 million renter-occupied units yet only 41% buy renters’ insurance according to an Insurance Information Institute poll.

 Take this Renters’ Insurance QUIZ  and test your knowledge.

TRUE OR FALSE:  A Renters’ Insurance policy….

  1.  Is not needed because the landlord’s insurance policy will pay for a renter’s personal belongings lost in a fire or theft.  T or F
  2. Will pay your extra expenses if you are forced to temporarily move out of your unit after a covered loss.  T or F
  3. Will replace your Personal Property items, but only while inside your unit when stolen. T or F
  4. Will pay medical expenses for a guest that is accidentally injured in your unit. T or F
  5. Provides Personal Liability protection for you or any family member living with you if an accident causes injury or property damage to others anywhere in the world. T or F
  6. Is expensive and costs as much or more than Auto Insurance.  T or F

Find the ANSWERS to our Renters Insurance quiz here.

NOTE: Renters’ or Tenants’ Insurance refers to the typical HO-4 Policy Form available from all major insurance companies.  For specific coverage information and a quotation for your individual insurance needs, you are invited to Contact Us at AMERICAN INSURANCE and speak to one of our helpful agents.

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