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Umbrella - You need one, not just for rain

AMERICAN INSURANCE Agents are often asked, “What auto liability limit is enough?”

It depends on who is injured in an at-fault accident. A jury recently awarded $2.5M to a classical pianist who hurt his elbow in a car accident. Since no one can predict who will be injured, AMERICAN INSURANCE Agents recommend that you, our clients, purchase “the highest liability limits you can reasonably afford”.

You can get an Umbrella quote here today for an additional $1M limit for as low $150 per year premium.

Here is some information about our Safeco policy - but we have many other companies available to quote, also.

Get a free Umbrella quote online or call (208) 746-9646 or email Quotes [at] am-ins [dot] com or contact us to find out more about Umbrella coverage from your American Insurance agent.

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