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Jun 26, 2012

Facebook is personal. And what could be more personal than protecting all the things you value most - your home, autos and personal items; your health and your life; lliability protection for your earning power, savings and assets.    

So, Facebook is a phenomenal tool to provide immediate and concise information that is important to you.

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Here are 7 great reasons to “Like Us” on Facebook! 
Immediate notifications of -

  1. Insurance discounts others miss
  2. How to avoid costly insurance mistakes 
  3. Answers to common insurance questions
  4. Perspective, news and views you can use
  5. Tips to live safe and healthy
  6. Community events with a personal touch
  7. Smiles with “Sully’s Sillies”

Just one click to “Like Us” and you’ll receive timely and useful information when you need it most! 

Two Article Comments

Rosanne Roehrborn

We have really enjoyed doing business with you guys!!

Gail Scott

Hi, John. Just wanted to know what your daughter Michelle is doing. She and my son were in the same graduating class and I think had band together. Also, thanks for being my agent for umpteen years! Gail

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