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Hail & Windstorms Cause Major Damage

The rumble of thunder, the crack of lightening, the rush of windstorm, the clatter of hail stones - thunderstorms can bring devastation to your property and your autos in a flash.

How does your own insurance respond to these weather related claims? Fortunately, the insurance industry provides coverage for the perils of “windstorm & hail” and pays $billions in claims annually to individuals and businesses devastated by severe weather related damage. (see Violent Storms Kill 2, Leave Thousands Without Power in Mid-Atlantic, Midwest) and Thunderstorms & Wildfires Bring Destruction)

Property - How Coverage Applies:
The typical Homeowners policy (HO-3) insures the Dwelling (Coverage A) and Other Structures (Coverage B) against “risk of direct physical loss to property” and does not restrict losses for windstorm and hail damage. Even more restrictive “named peril” basic and broad policy forms like the Homeowners (HO-1 & HO-2) and Dwelling Fire forms (DF-1 & DF-2) all provide coverage for the perils of windstorm and hail. In the same way, Commercial Property (CP) policies also provide coverage for windstorm and hail losses. All property losses are subject to your selected deductible.

NOTE: Personal Property (Coverage C) is insured under “named perils” in most forms of which #2. Windstorm Or Hail is restricted in the following way: “This peril does not include loss to the property contained in a building caused by rain, snow, sleet, sand or dust unless the direct force of wind or hail damages the building causing an opening in a roof or wall and the rain, snow, sleet, sand or dust enters through this opening.” This restriction is necessary because Personal Property under HO, DF, and Renters forms is insured anywhere in the world not just inside your home. So Personal Property left outside and exposed to weather events is not insured for windstorm or hail damage.

Auto Policy – How Coverage Applies:
Personal Auto Policies (PAP) and Commercial Auto Policies (CAP) will cover windstorm and hail physical damage claims if “Other Than Collision” (Comprehensive) coverage is included on the damaged vehicle. Loss is subject to your selected deductible.

(For related Property coverage information click  WIND DAMAGE ~ Am I Covered?.)


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