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Zero deductible for glass repair, replacement

As published in the Spring 2017 newsletter

After the harshest winter in recent memory, your windshield is under attack! The snow is now gone but the gravel remains on our roadways. Odds are, there is a rock with your name on it flying toward your windshield.

Comprehensive (also known as “other than collision”) is a required coverage on any vehicle in order to cover the expense of windshield repair or replacement. Did you know that windshield “rock-chip” repair is included with no deductible and no negative impact on your claims experience? If your windshield, unfortunately, suffered greater

damage and is cracked or broken then it will be replaced subject to the deductible you have chosen (normally $100 up to $500). Optional $0 Deductible Glass is now offered by many companies. For a small additional premium, you can reduce the glass deductible to $0 or just $50.

Reducing the glass deductible makes glass replacement a breeze on your pocket book. You can choose a higher deductible for the other Comprehensive losses like hitting a deer, auto theft or vandalism while having an optional $0 glass deductible.

When I get to tell a client that their windshield replacement is going to cost them nothing ($0), I can hear the smile on their face and relief coming through the phone. Remember, you must select this option before you have a windshield loss. So, I recommend you call us at (208) 746-9646 or contact us online here to speak with your American Insurance Customer Service Agent today to inquire if a reduced glass deductible is an option available on your auto policy. When you need it, you’ll be glad you did.


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