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Q & A: Can I get subsidized Medical Insurance now?

We published this Q&A column in the Nov. 10, 2018 edition of The Lewiston Tribune.

Q: Can I get subsidized Medical Insurance now?

A: Yes, the Health Exchanges are now open and you may qualify for a premium subsidy (tax credits) and cost sharing (lowered deductibles and coinsurance) for an ACA Exchange medical plan.  We can help you find out and quote all exchange plans for you to find a plan and premium best for you.

ACA Health Exchange Annual Open Enrollment Period is from Nov. 1 through Dec. 15, 2018.

Your Health Idaho and WA HealthPlanFinder Exchanges are now open! Individuals, families, small employers, employees, dependents, college students - anyone who relies on individual medical insurance coverage - must apply during open enrollment unless they are renewing existing coverage at a different time.

Get Local, No-Cost Assistance - Idaho and Washington residents are invited to call for an appointment with ACA Exchange Certified Health Agents Dave Root or Tim Gleason at AMERICAN INSURANCE. Call 208-746-9646 or email us at Medical [at] Am-Ins [dot] com or contact us online to set your appointment today.

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