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History - Frank Sullivan

Last Letters To Sully


Enjoy reading last letters from friends and family below.

For 67 years if Sully saw the name of a customer, a friend or a relative of a friend in the Lewiston Tribune he would clip it out and mail it with a personal note and a joke. Thousands of letters were sent to say congratulations, provide encouragement, or send condolences.  

So, it seemed right to ask his friends to send one last letter to Sully. I asked them to tell us their story about receiving a letter from Sully or about an event they shared with him or just what they remembered most about Sully.

Thank you to all who sent a last letter to Sully. The Sullivan family deeply appreciates receiving your letters, emails and sympathy cards. Often we learned something new or a funny story about Sully. For the enjoyment of all we have shared the letters we received below.

GLADYS HUFFMAN - Sully was embarrassed! 

MARION SHINN - Our association with your company goes back longer than Sully

SHELEEN MEADOR -Oh, you pinched my butt that day!

GAIL (KELLER) SCOTT - One of the 18th Ave kids 

DR BILL & RONNIE MANNSCHRECK - friends since July 1954

JUDY MCMAINS (Sister) - I remember a letter from Bud when I was 4 years old.

NANCY GEE (Sister) - Bud's weekly letters to Iowa kept us up on things

BUTCH ALFORD (Lewiston Tribune President) - read some "Sully lore" 

JACKIE PETERSON (worked 40 years for Sully) - He was one of a kind!

BARB CAMPBELL (worked for Harry Christy & Sully until 1950) - Mr Christy has always told me I'd have a job at American Insurance. 

DARLENE (ANDERSON) KIDDER - When I worked at the Idaho Dept Store I'd get a daily hug from Sully.

MARIE EIER - He and Doug loved jokes

BRIGHT BO - If you met Sully you became his friend (Bright is a close friend who shared his notes from his memorial talk at the Kennewick service)

MRS ELWOOD HIRZEL - Sully helped us at Hirzel's Music Store (Mary is over 100 years old and still a customer of American Insurance)

RAY ROSCH - Following Sully's inspiration 

GEN LARRY LAFRENZ (Ret) - Sully became my trusted advisor and friend 

LEO SNIDER - Sully had a harmonica and played a couple of tunes

BILL HAMILTON - Sully was my inspiration to go through the Shrine chairs 

GEORGE & NANCY FOLLETT - friends for over 50 years sharing joys and sorrows

BILL THOMAS, COL USAF, RET - You knew when you received a fat envelope... 

JOHN SULLIVAN- Sully was quite shocked to see that John Sullivan went to work at the bank! (No this is the other John Sullivan)

JOHN & SHARON LYNCH FAMILY - Uncle Sully left his mark on us. 

JIM & NANCY SATTLER - Being a competitor, Sully would put that aside.

BILL CHETWOOD - Would that we all could leave such a legacy.

BOYD PEDERSEN, CSM (Ret)- I have a box full of jokes.

TIM ARMOUR-  Sully was a big piece of my Lewiston childhood. 

ARLENE (MAYNARD) WORLEY - I first met Sully on the Lewiston Roundup Board.

LUNETTA (WRIGHT) VAUGHN - Sully touched so many lives

BARARA BIRD - I first met Sully when he was appointed by the Insurance Commissioner... 

CECELIA DALE - Sully was busy, well-known & extremely well liked.

JOE HALL - I never had the pleasure of meeting Sully but received many letters.

JOCK PRING - Sully was a local hero and legend.  


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