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Finding Calm in a Storm of Change

Wow! 2023 is coming to a close and for most of us, not a moment too soon. This year we experienced huge inflationary pressures and a shortage of workers. On top of that, closer to home

there was no water for our lawns during the hot summer in Lewiston, and an estimated 37,000 Avista customers were without natural gas for their heat and water for up to 7 days in November in the Valley and Palouse. Avista assembled crews to coordinate the monumental task of relighting everyone’s gas services, which was achieved in record time.

INSURANCE FORECAST:  As skyrocketing claim costs outpaced premiums, 2023 was a year of rising premium rates across all insurance companies and all lines of business. Insurance companies tightened underwriting and withdrew from new business creating a "hard market", making it nearly impossible to find any relief through competition. I discussed what an insurance "hard market" is in an article earlier this year. 

In 2024, we should see lower premium changes and a gradual loosening of underwriting as insurance companies readjust to lower inflation. We constantly monitor the insurance marketplace to navigate our customers through the hard market and find the best current insurance value. 

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Businesses large and small are having difficulty finding qualified workers and are experiencing short-staffing problems. As consumers, we all are feeling frustrated getting services with restricted hours, unstocked shelves, as well as slower and less knowledgeable customer service.

At any point, if you have unanswered questions, or we have responded too slowly or we have let you down in any way, please let us know immediately. Call or send us Customer Feedback at I will get you immediate attention.  

WE’RE HIRING: American Insurance NW, Inc has open positions to fill, and we are expanding our customer service. We are working hard to find more qualified workers. You can help by referring people you know that are great with customer service to send a resume by email to: Job [at] Am-Ins [dot] com

FINDING CALM: My biggest takeaway from 2023 was observing everyone’s generosity of spirit and resilience in the face of difficulties. It was refreshing to see the collective group hang in there together to understand the problem and do their part to minimize the impacts so that issues can be resolved. The ability to withstand and quickly overcome and bounce back from adversity is an undervalued American trait and something our fellow residents do very well.

As we complete our 101st year of helping people with their insurance in time of need, I would like to give a “Thank You” for your generosity of spirit in allowing us to serve and help you. You can always count on us to Protect Your American Dream”. We look forward to being of service to you in 2024. 

Happy Holidays!  Shawn and Philip Sullivan & Staff