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1990-1999 Newsletters

Here are our archived newsletters, found from 1991 to 1999, including:

1997 WINTER NEWSLETTER  - Read about...

  • 75th anniversary year celebration review
  • Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997
  • Medical insurance - American Insurance saves clients thousands in medical premiums
  • Summit Securities, Inc. interest rate report
  • Medical Insurance experience and companies named
  • Safeco acquires American States
  • American Insurance Agency Services named

1997 SUMMER NEWSLETTER - Read about...

  • July 17, 1997 - 75th anniversary "Old Fashioned American Picnic" invitation announced
  • Back to the Future - 75 years and counting
  • Harry W. Christy, Agency Pioneer
  • Frank "Sully" Sullivan profile
  • A look at the Future - John B. Sullivan, president
  • Did you know 75 years ago ....
  • We're there when you need us most! Staff pictures shared

1996 WINTER NEWSLETTER - Read about...

  • 75th anniversary and Happy Holidays from the Agency
  • Medical insurance turned upside down - Radical changes coming in 1997
  • IRAs have changed - take a new look
  • All you really need is one phone number - 746-9646
  • Combine your insurance with us - personal, business and benefit coverage offered
  • Read more about Dave Root and Tim Gleason
  • Idaho Workers Compensation changes effect all businesses

1995 WINTER NEWSLETTER  - Read about...

  • Personal holiday greetings to 200 new families and businesses added in 1995
  • Heart to Heart for parents of teens
  • Rings & Things - scheduled insurance options
  • Make more money with CDs and Annuities
  • Re-Evaluate your life -- and your life insurance coverage
  • Becky Eisele profile
  • Workers Compensation insurance reviewed - Are you properly covered in Idaho and Washington?

1995 SUMMER NEWSLETTER - Read about...

  • Celebrate Independence Day at our aerial fireworks display (WWII - Victory + 50 years!)
  • Fire insurance pays off for local business owner
  • Community Spirit 4th of July fireworks celebration schedule
  • Cellular phones need insurance
  • Protect your business from costs of rebuilding after a catastrophe
  • Re-Evaluate your life - and consider level term life insurance coverage
  • New choices for Medical insurance
  • Promises to our clients

1994 WINTER NEWSLETTER  - Read about...

  • Holiday greetings - 1994 significant events including the addition of Shawn Sullivan and a new computer system
  • The (Homer & Marge) Simpson Case - "The Nightmare After Christmas"
  • Losing interest in your bank?
  • Claim questionnaire responses
  • Martin Holmes profile
  • Client letter from Tom Fruechtel
  • Things to do

1994 SUMMER NEWSLETTER - Read about...

  • 8th year as major sponsor for Independence Day local aerial fireworks display
  • Sponsor a fireworks shell
  • Community Spirit 4th of July fireworks 1994 celebration schedule
  • Vacation insurance checklist - Review your coverage before you leave town
  • Incredible claim statements
  • The "Package" Mortgage Protection Plan
  • Client letter from Frankie Anderson
  • Pat Johnson profile
  • Shawn Sullivan profile

1993 WINTER NEWSLETTER - Read about...

  • Holiday greetings and a "thank you"
  • Satisfaction Survey results
  • Guaranteed health insurance - Changes for small businesses in 1994
  • Individual Capital Appreciation Plan
  • A tax hit on the elderly
  • Jackie Peterson profile
  • Client letter from Tess Rogers

 1993 SUMMER NEWSLETTER - Read about...

  • 7th year as major sponsor for Independence Day aerial fireworks display
  • Cutting medical insurance costs
  • Community Spirit 993 4th of July fireworks celebration schedule
  • Investment yardsticks
  • We made a mistake?
  • Thank you for your letters
  • Client letter from Deanna Vickers
  • Dave Root profile

1992 WINTER NEWSLETTER - Read about...

  • Keeping our promises
  • 3 ways to reduce taxes now
  • Responding to personal catastrophy
  • Unclaimed rewards
  • Peterson & Johnson receive CPSR
  • Our "Every Year" New Year's Resolution
  • Sullivan named 1992 Preferred Broker

1992 SUMMER NEWSLETTER  - Read about...

  • Community Spirit 4th of July fireworks celebration promoted
  • Communication assures value
  • What's up concerning boat insurance
  • Avoiding the double whammy
  • The right benefits at the right price
  • Dear Sullivans' American Insurance

1991 WINTER NEWSLETTER - Read about...

  • Sullivans' 63rd year comes to close
  • Selection, Benefits, Service
  • Who insures insurance companies?
  • Help, I need higher CD rates!
  • IRP - Tax free growth & income
  • Our "Every Year" New Year's Resolution
  • Dear Sullivans' American Insurance

1991 SUMMER NEWSLETTER - Read about...

  • Fireworks celebration - American Insurance major sponsor since 1987
  • Promises, promises, promises
  • Dave Root recognized by Lewiston chamber

And, come back soon to find even more past newsletters from our archives!

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