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NEWSLETTERS from American Insurance

Here are some of our recent newsletters! Find older archives, listed below.

2021 SUMMER NEWSLETTER - Read about ...

- Read about ...

  • Fireworks ahead!
  • COVID in retreat - with some chaos
  • Washington rates are changing
  • Agency sponsored baseball teams
  • Construction costs and insurance rates
  • Interlink is moving to a new office
  • 99 years - we want your stories!!

2021 SPRING NEWSLETTER(opens in a new tab)  - Read about ...

  • A refreshing look ahead! 100th Anniversary coming in 2022.
  • Customer Service Reviews 
  • Car titles for personal auto coverage
  • Free Document Shredding Event April 12-16
  • Carmen Johnson honored with 20 year service award
  • Small Businesses hit with email scams
  • We insure fun!
  • Health exchanges extend open enrollment

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