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  • Winter Driving Safety Tips

    When winter weather strikes, drivers face out-of-the-ordinary challenges when they get behind the wheel. Snow, slush or icy roads are involved in nearly one in four weather-related vehicle crashes. 

  • How to Drive in Icy Conditions

    As temperatures approach freezing, icy conditions can develop, especially on roadways where elevation is higher, and bridges and overpasses. Adjusting your driving behavior for these conditions can help keep you, and others around you, safe on the road this winter.

  • Do I Need Snow Tires?

    Taking snow tires out of the garage and replacing regular or summer tires during the snowy and icy months was once a familiar winter ritual for many people. With all-season tires becoming increasingly common, do drivers still need tires designed specifically to operate in snow?

  • The Science Behind Winter Driving

    Let’s take a look at the science behind some common winter driving conditions in order to better understand what leads to dangerous driving situations, and help us all prepare to drive more safely this winter.

  • Thanksgiving safe travel tips

    We encourage you to drive safely this Thanksgiving holiday weekend. -- From the Sullivans & Staff at American Insurance

  • Shovel snow safely this winter

    Make sure you shovel snow safely this winter.

  • Halloween - How it was invented by evil geniuses.

    Halloween has more ways to cause claims for liability and property damage than a big bag of assorted candy! Read our tips for a safe holiday here.

  • Halloween - What is really scary?!

    Halloween is a scary cauldron potion - mixed with one part darkness, one part costumed kids (darting across streets), one part teens (with “tricks”), one part scary decorations (to trip over), one part sweet candy (to rot your teeth), one part open flame candles and overloaded extension cords – and POOF....

  • Slip & Fall Accidents - Winter Prevention

    Here are 3 essential tips to help prevent winter slip and fall accidents.

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