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States Move Forward On Health Exchanges

Dec 21 2012 Three more states are on track to implement the health care law and establish health insurance marketplaces, or Exchanges, in their states. Health and Human Services (HHS) issued the first... more

Just 15 States Opt For State Health Exchanges

Dec 13 2012 Only 15 U.S. states so far plan to operate health insurance exchanges under President Barack Obama's reform law, leaving Washington with the daunting prospect of creating and operating the... more

Idaho Governor Opts For State Insurance Exchange

Dec 11 2012 Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter announced today that Idaho is opting for a state-based health insurance exchange under the terms of Obamacare, subject to legislative approval. In his news... more

Newsletter - Winter 2012

Dec 4 2012 Featured articles include: Health Care Reform - A Closer Look - The things you didn't know about the Affordable Care Act How Smart Phones Make Smarter Claims Savings Tip - How to find the... more

Health Care Reform - A Closer Look

Nov 29 2012 It appears that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is here to stay. It survived the constitutional challenge in the US Supreme Court and the electoral challenge with the... more

Pre-Existing Condition Discrimination Banned

Nov 25 2012 The Obama administration moved forward to implement provisions in the health care law that would make it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing... more

Homeowners Claims Rise Rapidly

Sep 26 2012 The cost of homeowners insurance claims has been rising rapidly! The combined effects of rising claim severity and increases in claim frequency were found in the study released by the... more

Newsletter - 90th Anniversary - 2012

Sep 13 2012 Since 1922 (when we were insuring Model-T Fords) up to the present day, we have historic pictures, articles, and advertisements to share with you. Learn about the "who", the "why" and the "... more

AMERICAN INSURANCE Celebrates 90 Years

Aug 27 2012 The Sullivans - John, Shawn, Philip & the entire staff invite you to our 90th Anniversary Open House & Customer Appreciation on Friday, September 21st! For details please read below:... more

10 Tax Tips for Home Sellers

Aug 24 2012 If you have sold or are selling your home this year you may be able to exclude all or part of that gain from your income. Check out these ten tax tips from CPAs, Su Brown and Associates,... more

4 Myths About Renters Claims

Aug 22 2012 Renting a dorm room, an apartment or a rental house may be your first experience with being out on your own. After a fire or a theft, there are some common misconceptions about who is... more

A "Classic" Love Affair Confession

Aug 13 2012 By Mike Everett, agent I've had a love affair with vintage cars for most of my adult life. It grew out of necessity (fixing my cars) and turned into a hobby by my thirties. Cars, trucks -... more

Health Care Reform Timeline

Aug 8 2012 What's changed and what's not under Health Care Reform? In light of the recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court and the complex nature of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (... more

Medicare Part D Rx Premiums Hold Steady

Aug 7 2012 Basic premiums for Medicare prescription drug plans, on average, are projected to remain constant in 2013, Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius announced today. The... more

Idaho Police Target Aggressive Drivers

Aug 6 2012 Now through August 13th Idaho law enforcement is targeting aggressive drivers and motorcycle riders on Idaho's roads. Speeding, failure to yield, following too close and disregarding... more

Hail & Windstorms Cause Major Damage

Aug 3 2012 The rumble of thunder, the crack of lightening, the rush of windstorm, the clatter of hail stones - thunderstorms can bring devastation to your property and your autos in a flash. How does... more

8 New Preventative Services Free For Women

Aug 3 2012 Women are getting access to eight new prevention-related health care services free beginning Aug. 1, 2012 announced Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. The new... more

Idaho Health Exchange Work Group Meets

Jul 26 2012 Idaho is playing "catch-up" with Health Care Reform. The first meeting of the Idaho work group studying formation of a state operated Health Insurance Exchange was announced by Idaho... more

Thunderstorms & Wildfires Bring Destruction

Jul 24 2012 At least 28 people were killed following a prolonged stretch of severe weather in central and eastern U.S. states, which included a violent derecho - a fast-moving, long-lived cluster of... more

Traffic Deaths Spike Upward +13.5%

Jul 23 2012 An alarming spike in traffic fatalities is being studied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A statistical projection shows a 13.5 percent increase in traffic fatalities... more

Regence Rebates Money to Small Groups

Jul 18 2012 The first Medical Loss Ratio rebate checks were mailed to small groups insured by Regence BlueShield of Idaho on July 16th. This is a rebate on their 2011 premium under the Affordable Care... more

Bad Dogs Bite All Home Owners

Jul 16 2012 Dog bite claims continue to grow in numbers and cost which increases premiums for all Homeowners Insurance. In fact, from 2003 to 2011, the cost of the average dog bite claim increased by... more

Realtors - Uptick In New E&O Claims

Jul 11 2012 What is causing new E&O claims for realtors? Eric Myers, President of Victor O Schinnerer & Company, one of the largest and most experienced underwriting managers of professional... more

Newsletter - Summer 2012

Jul 3 2012 Feature articles include: "Best of the West" Like us on Facebook Boating is a Blast - with Dave Root 27 Year Sponsor - Independence Day Fireworks A Love of the Classics - with Mike Everett... more

American Insurance Voted "Best of the West"!

Jun 27 2012 AMERICAN INSURANCE, Lewiston and Moscow, were voted “Best of the West” Insurance Agency for 2012. We are very proud to be chosen by popular vote and always strive to be worthy of our... more

7 Reasons to "Like" Us!

Jun 26 2012 Facebook is personal. And what could be more personal than protecting all the things you value most - your home, autos and personal items; your health and your life; lliability protection... more

Health Savings Account Use Jumps 18%

Jun 19 2012 More than 13.5 million Americans are now covered by Health Savings Account (HSA)-eligible insurance plans, a more than 18 percent increase since last year, according to a new census... more

Doctor Groups Call For LESS Care!

Jun 15 2012 Three different physician events saw national doctor groups calling for less medical care. In a bold and unprecedented announcement, they say doctors need to use clinical evidence to make... more

8 Essential Data Breach Protections For Small Business

Jun 15 2012 The number of data breaches involving smaller businesses continues to grow, but a new survey by The Hartford finds that 85 percent of small business owners believe a data breach is unlikely,... more

Premium Increases Ahead For Businesses

Jun 11 2012 Business owners need to brace themselves for modest insurance premium increases in 2012. Faced with high catastrophe claims from 2011 and low investment returns Property-Casualty insurance... more

New pain meds approved to lessen abuse

May 30 2012 Skyrocketing costs for opioid pain management and abuse is damaging the health care and workers compensation systems. Dan Reynolds, managing editor of Risk & Insurance writes "An... more

P&C Insurance Net Income Plunges

May 29 2012 Record 2011 losses are driving insurance price increases in 2012. As predicted in Market Forecast 2012, the insurance industry has been raising prices this year on Homeowners and commercial... more

Top 10 Contents Items Claimed

May 26 2012 Which personal property items were the top insurance claims in 2011? Jewelry losses were the big ticket items in value and volume for property insurance claims made in 2011 according to... more

ID & MT Among Worst States For Injury Deaths

May 24 2012 Idaho and Montana ranked among the worst states with the highest ratios of injury deaths while Washington state was ranked among the best. A new report ranks each state by their injury... more

What is driving health care spending?

May 23 2012 The newly formed Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) compared data from 2009 to 2010 showing that pure price increases for care rather than increased utilization is driving spending higher.... more

5 Ways To Reduce Motorcycle Deaths

May 22 2012 A summer road trip on your motorcycle may be no safer than last year. No progress was made in reducing motorcyclist deaths in 2011, according to a report released by the Governors Highway... more

Leading Cause of Death Ages 8-24

May 21 2012 More children and young adults die of this than any other cause. Perhaps it is no surprise that motor vehicle traffic crashes continue to be the leading cause of death in the group of age... more

WA & OR Take Health Exchange Grants

May 17 2012 Washington and Oregon were among the six new states to take Health Exchange grants to implement the new health care law. Idaho, a highly conservative and Republican majority state, snubbed... more

Stolen! 1 in 10 of these vehicles

May 16 2012 Corvettes...we love to look at them and thieves love to steal them! The Chevrolet Corvette holds the title as America's oldest, continuously produced sports car. According to a National... more

Obesity's Heavy Health Care Cost

May 15 2012 Obesity now accounts for almost 21 percent of U.S. health care costs -- more than twice the previous estimates, reports a revised Cornell University study. The research, originally done in... more

Healthcare Costs Now Exceed $20,000 Per Family - Milliman Study

May 15 2012 A typical American family of four receiving healthcare through an employer-sponsored preferred provider organization (PPO) plan now pays $20,728. This according to the latest study by... more

4th Leading Cause of Death Is?

May 3 2012 1 in 3 U.S. adults-an estimated 68 million of us-have this and it is the "silent killer". Untreated high blood pressure, also called hypertension can damage the heart, brain, and kidneys... more

Idaho's Health Insurance Exchange - On Hold

Apr 19 2012 What is the status of the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange? The US Supreme Court will be making its decision in June whether all, part or none of the Affordable Care Act will stand as... more

Taxpayers May Profit Billions From AIG Bailout

Apr 16 2012 When all is said and done, AIG expects taxpayers to profit from $5B to $10B on the company's 2008 rescue. Too big to fail, AIG ultimately received a $140 billion bailout from taxpayers in... more

WA Gets $6.6M Health Care Grant

Apr 13 2012 Ten states including Washington State received grants to provide early childhood support and home visits to families who volunteer to receive these services, Health and Human Services (HHS)... more

Turns Out - Death & Taxes Are Linked!

Apr 13 2012 Benjamin Franklin's famous quip "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes" has a closer connection than he knew. A 30-year study of traffic accidents in the... more

New Health Care Rule Saves $4.6B

Apr 11 2012 A proposed rule that would establish a unique "health plan identifier" under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was announced today by Department of... more

“Check Engine” #1 Repair Item

Mar 31 2012 The most common "check engine" light repair is "replace Oxygen Sensor." A faulty O2 sensor costs less than $250 to fix, but can lead to as much as a 40% reduction in gas mileage if ignored -... more

New Health Exchange Rules Released

Mar 13 2012 New rules released today will offer states substantial flexibility as they design a health insurance exchange marketplace that works for their residents. The Idaho Legislature said "no... more

Cell Phone Related Fatalities Down 47% In CA

Mar 7 2012 Traffic deaths due to hand-held cell phone use by drivers have dropped 47% since California enacted a ban in July, 2008. The analysis, conducted by the Safe Transportation Research and... more

Lifetime Limits For Health Plans End

Mar 6 2012 The maximum benefit limits under medical insurance plans for an individual's lifetime have been eliminated under the Affordable Care Act. "For years, Americans with lifetime caps imposed on... more

What FBI Says Is US #1 Threat!

Mar 6 2012 Cyber security is becoming our nation's number-one threat according to FBI Director Robert S Meuller, III in comments made at the Cyber Security Conference in San Francisco. The following... more

Crop Insurance Claims Break $10 Billion

Mar 5 2012 For the first time in history, crop insurance indemnities to farmers and ranchers has exceeded $10.08 billion to cover agricultural losses, reports This underscores... more

Which Health Services Are Now Free?

Feb 16 2012 Don't forget you have free preventative services to use in 2012! "Americans of all ages can now get the preventive services they need, like mammograms and the new Annual Wellness Visit,... more

What Does A Cruise Ship Cost?

Feb 14 2012 Ever wonder what a cruise ship costs? The grounding of the Carnival Corp. cruise ship Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy with more than 4,000 passengers and 1,100 crew aboard, may cost... more

Allstate Agents Quit & Dissatisfied

Feb 10 2012 Overall, 73% of Allstate agents answering a national survey were "not very" or "not at all" satisfied with their relationship with the company. When asked if they would be willing to refer... more

"Plain Language" Health Policies Required

Feb 10 2012 Do you have trouble understanding health insurance? People in the market for health insurance will soon have clear, understandable and straightforward information on what health plans will... more

EEOC Complaints Hit All-Time High

Jan 27 2012 Private sector bias charges hit an all-time high. Employment discrimination complaints for businesses large and small increased to record levels during the "great recession". Layoffs... more

Top Ten Senior Scams

Jan 18 2012 If you are a senior or if have seniors in your life, please pass along this information. Every U.S. citizen older than 65 qualifies for Medicare, making Medicare/health insurance fraud one... more

Market Forecast 2012

Jan 5 2012 The headlines of 2011 mark the worst year ever recorded for insured losses across the globe. Worldwide natural disasters - earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, winter... more

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