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Traveling? Bedbugs are hitchhiking!

Experts fear we are on the threshold of a bedbug pandemic! It's a public relations nightmare for hotels in major cities across America. Begbugs have checked in and guests are checking out! These are uninsured losses...

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US Weather Losses 300% of Normal

April period witnessed the largest tornado outbreak in world history. May period includes two of the costliest tornadoes ever recorded. Yes, it was really THAT bad - 3 times the average of losses for the 20 year period...

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Flood Insurance Solvency Threatened

NFIP faces external challenges that threaten the program's long-term health. As the nation's flood waters are highest, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a sinking ship according to a scathing new report by...

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30% of Employers Will Drop Medical After 2014

Thirty percent of employers will cancel health plans by 2014 because of Health Care Reform, according to a McKinsey Research study. The research suggests that when employers become more aware of the new economic and...

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