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Nightmares On The Roundabout

I've been having a recurring dream...a nightmare really. I find myself driving to work, north on Snake River Ave. I pass KOZE Radio and find myself becoming anxious but don't know why. As I pass under the Southway...

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Health Exchange Update 10/25/13

The Health Exchange Marketplace opened on October 1st and has experienced serious technical problems ever since. In the meantime, the Individual Mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) still takes effect in 2014....

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Only Agents Can Explain Exchange Plans

The Idaho and Washington State Health Exchanges including their navigators (online and phone assistants) will not explain or recommend any insurance plans offered in the exchanges. They feel that experienced and...

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Who Needs Health Exchange Quotations?

The new Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace isn't just for the uninsured! Almost everyone needs to take a serious look at their own state's Health Exchange Marketplace before January 1, 2014. Here's who should obtain...

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